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If you need help to make a Will for your family and loved ones and to plan how you would like your estate to be dealt with, David Johnson provides a friendly and efficient service, either in our offices or at your home, to deliver legal solutions that meet your individual circumstances.

Making a Will is like trying to draft a contract that will come into effect at a date as yet unknown, apply to assets that are as yet undefined, and will be binding on all parties. If you add into the mix that we do not know what rules of law or tax will then apply or what the circumstances of the parties will be, then it can all begin to look a bit daunting. We can help you through the maze with our years of experience and knowledge backed by the insurance of a personalised service.

When a person dies without having made a valid Will, they die “intestate” and the law then decides who the beneficiaries will be and the extent to which they will benefit; sometimes with surprising consequences. Where children are concerned, the law provides that they will be entitled to payment of their share at age 16. By making a Will you are exercising your right to decide what should happen.

A Will is an expression of your wishes, not just in relation to what you own or have an interest in. It has several other important functions, including:

Guardianship of children – No-one likes to think that they might leave behind young children, but when this happens it is important to know what the parent would have wanted. It can help to avoid unnecessary disputes in families at an already difficult time. Financial provision should also be considered.

Funeral instructions

Inheritance Tax Planning – Individuals often underestimate the value of their estate. The notion that Inheritance tax is a tax on the very wealthy and applies to the few is now outdated. The Chancellor has announced changes to allow Spouses and Registered Civil Partners to transfer the unused part of their Nil Rate Band to the survivor. This is a welcome development, but it is still necessary to give careful thought about how your estate will pass on your death. In some circumstances, it is necessary to consider Nil Rate Band planning, for example in a second marriage where one or both spouses has been married before and widowed. Consideration should be given to the use of trust provisions for the protection of young beneficiaries and to maximise valuable reliefs, such as business and agricultural property reliefs. In a modern society with complex family structures clients need to consider how best to balance the different interest of those they might leave behind.

Despite the very sound reasons for making a Will, many people simply do not get around to it. A feeling of uneasiness about this sensitive subject plays a part, as well as a whole raft of misconceptions about the division of an estate on intestacy.

Work and other commitments get in the way of setting aside time to put in place a properly valid Will. David Johnson can make a home or office appointment to meet at a time that suits you.

You will be advised according to your particular circumstances – single, married, separated, divorced, cohabiting, young, elderly and whatever the size of your estate.

What happens when I die?

You should also consider a Power of Attorney, which can save you thousands of pounds and unnecessary administration at any point in your lifetime should you become unable to deal with your affairs due to incapacity brought about by accident or illness etc. This important document should be considered at the same time as putting your Will in place.

David has a special interest in this area of law which enables him to do the best for you by taking careful account of each client’s personal circumstances, wishes and concerns.

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