We are always looking for more efficient ways to get the grind of paperwork done and allow our lawyers more time to help you.

We are among  a handful of Scottish firms so far to have invested in a dedicated estate tax and law programme called ‘Isokon’ – already  widely used in England.

Isokon is specifically designed for executry and probate work with a time saving electronic  link to HMRC.

Isokon  helps us keep a real time update on :

  • the net worth of an estate;
  • the amount that might eventually become due to residuary beneficiaries;
  • Legal and Prior Rights entitlements for Testate and Intestate cases;

It also outputs data directly to HMRC’s own PDF tax forms, produces C1 and C5 forms for court application eg Confirmation and many others. This also assists us in providing you with monthly reports ensuring you are always kept up to date.

Many of us like to think we can have a go at DIY  but  court and tax forms can be more complicated than we expect– so why not let us take the strain with dedicated lawyers using the best tech to get there as smoothly as we can.

For more information please call us on 0131 622 9222